Aromatherapy Massage is a swedish massage using essential oils and can have many benefits. Essentials Oils are inhaled during the massage and can be absorbed into the skin. They can promote many beneficial changes in mind and body.

Treatments being offered include :-

Anti cellulite oil

This massage oil blend will help break down fatty deposits and drain away water retention leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft.

Athletic massage oil

If you have been for a run, swim or cycle this pre blend oil can help ease muscle aches, pain and relax stressed joints leaving the body feeling revived.

Invigorating oil

Feeling sluggish and tired or even poor circulation in your fingers and toes this pre blend will invigorate and revive muscles even ones that feel sore. Leaving you feel uplifted and refreshed.

Pure pleasure Oil

With the stresses of life this pre blend can work on happy positive and joyful moods making you feel uplifted and revived.

Relaxing massage

-With this pre blend oil it will help calm, soothe and relax the mind and ease moments of stress.

Nourishing oil

With dry dehydrated skin this blend will soften, enrich and smooth the skin leaving it feel silky soft.


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