We are highly experienced and qualified, with specialist qualifications, in waxing & intimate waxing for men. We provide a quick and efficient mens waxing service using the premier professional products including warm strip wax & hard / hot wax for the most sensitive areas.

Male waxing,Orpington, Bromley is becoming more and more popular. Although male waxing used to be consisted mostly of models, bodybuilders, swimmers and sporting people, more and more men are now wanting the smoother, cleaner and more defined look.


  • Ears  – £10.00
  • Nostrils – £10.00
  • Eyebrows – £9.50
  • Hands & Finger  – £10.00
  • Under Arm – £10.00
  • Arm – £22.95
  • Full Leg – £30.00
  • Half Leg – £20.00
  • Chest or Back Wax – £30.00
  • Hollywood (  for more information on intimate areas included please call Jane on 07976211764)                                                                                              
  • FULL BODY WAX        


“Really pleased with the service and treatment from Jane.
In these uncertain times I was made to feel really confident that everything is being done to keep the salon clean and ready for use. 5 star service, would highly recommend. ”

“Jane I just wanted to say thanks for a really super wax yesterday. I could not believe how little discomfort there was and you worked hard to achieve a great result. A waxing genius!!! Thanks Richard #malewaxing “
“Fabulous service always makes for a no brainer about booking repeat appointments. Outstanding.”
“I like minimal fuss and stress, which makes it a no brainer Tocontinue to come back. Great service. Thank you. Simon.”

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Men’s After Care

With all male waxing treatments regardless if it is a simple male back wax ,  intimate Brazilian wax or a full body wax  it is really important that you read and  follow your aftercare guidelines that have been provided after your waxing treatment to ensure that you get the best results and that you know what to expect over the first few days.

Certain areas of the body may react much stronger than others and of course factors such as the coarseness of the hair, the amount of body hair, sensitive skin and for those clients who may have recently shaved or clippered their hair,  or used  any hair removal creams they may react more to the waxing treatment as their hair texture and regrowth will be different.

For most clients it is normal for the skin to feel a bit tender and you may have some bumps on the skin, for areas like the chest and the pubic mound the reaction can be a bit stronger and a few spots may appear over the first  few days. This is more likely to occur when waxing areas with thick hair, especially the first few times when the follicles are strongest. Generally for most clients the reaction settles down after 24-48 hours. If the reaction does persist then don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns

For a lot of my virgin waxers they do find that if they take anti histamine on the day that they wax and for a few days afterwards that this really helps and settles the skin reaction much quicker, when combined with your normal waxing aftercare routine this should make a huge difference. You do however need to check with your GP or pharmacist that it is okay for you to take anti histamine and if so the once a day variety is fine or you may prefer to use an anti histamine cream applied directly to the skin.

Okay so lets keep the guidelines nice and simple and easy to follow; in simple terms then basically keep the area as clean dry and sweat free as possible to avoid heat, friction and bacteria for the first few days.

For torso waxing (back and chest waxing) bring a clean cotton t-shirt to wear after your waxing and for any male intimate waxing clean loose fitting boxer shorts are always a good idea.

Excessive quantities of caffeine can for some clients cause greater sensitivity during the waxing treatment so avoid any excess on the day.

  • 1. Avoid excess exercise (no gym, or excess sport that will cause sweat and perspiration)
  • 2. No steam rooms, Jacuzzi , hot tubs or the like
  • 3. No sunbeds, spray tans or fake tan applications
  • 4. Avoid hot showers or baths – lukewarm is fine
  • 5. No swimming pools
  • 6. Keep your hands off the waxed skin where possible
  • 7.Avoid sun exposure up to 48 hours before your waxing.
  • 8. Only use products on the skin that are recommended.
  • 9. Do not exfoliate the skin for the first few days
  • 10. Antiseptic creams can be applied for the first few days.

Loose clean clothing is advisable for just after your waxing treatment as the skin may feel slightly tender in certain areas and tight clothing may cause friction and discomfort.

With ingrown hair I always feel prevention is so much better than cure!! So after a few days and when the skin does not feel tender exfoliate GENTLY using a suitable skin wash that offers some cleansing and anti bacterial benefits and combine this product with an exfoliating wash cloth like A Bit of Rough or something similar. Do not exfoliate

Hair should be 5-6 mm for a nice smooth finish.

Electrolysis uses a diathermy current to cauterise and permanently destroy the hair follicle at its root. It is suitable for all areas of the face and body. Each hair is treated individually regardless of it’s thickness or colour. Large areas of dark unwanted hair may be more suitably treated with VPL (variable pulsed light). During your hair removal consultation all options will be discussed with you to ascertain which method would be most suitable. A complementary consultation and patch test are required prior to your first full treatment.

NRG ICE IPL for hair removal

This treatment uses short safe, controlled pulses of filtered light to reduce unwanted hair quickly and effectively. Pulses of red light are absorbed by melanin, the pigment found in hair. This absorption process produces heat, which travels down the hair, affecting the follicle’s ability to regenerate. Hundreds of hair follicles are treated with each pulse, making it a fast and effective way to treat unwanted hair on all areas of the face and body.

To effectively destroy the follicles ability to produce another hair, the pulsed light needs to travel down to the dermal papilla (the growth centre). It is the pigment (melanin) in the hair that allows the light to do this, there-fore hairs need to be in the growing stage (anagen) and this is why a course of treatments is recommended. Typically a course of 6 treatments is needed, although a reduction will be seen after your first treatment and in most cases a noticeable result is achieved after just three treatments.

Consultation A consultation and suitability assessment is required before commencing treatments. During your consultation your therapist will discuss your needs and put together a treatment programme.

Courses Purchase a course of 6 treatments and pay for only 5. There are payment plans available, please speak to your therapist to find the best way for you.

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After only 2 Treatments there has already been a huge reduction in hair growth. Third Treatment completed this week and I’d be surprised if there is much growth at all in the next 5 weeks. A painless and successful procedure so far, highly recommended. Very happy with the result.”

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“Having, visited a few different waxing salons, I can definitely say this was the most pain free”  December 2016 

“This was my first time visiting the salon. It was also my first experience having 2 of the treatments done.  Jane was a lovely lady, very professional and kept me informed on each stage of the treatments, explaining what they would be doing to my skin. The deep tissue massage was one of the best I’ve ever had also. Thanks! See you in January” December 2016

“Jane is the absolute best.
No pain during my back wax and I even got some fantastic career advice. Not the nearest to me but I will always make the journey. Thanks again Jane, you’re a superstar ??”

“Excellent service, nice and friendly made to feel at ease highly recommend to anyone. Will be visiting again soon.
Thanks Jane”

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