Ideal if: you want instant results and love the smooth feeling of exfoliation.

Diamond Peel MicroDermabrasion

is a gentle yet effective resurfacing treatment. The top two layers of skin are abraded using a special wand encrusted with hundreds of tiny diamonds. Vacuum suction removes impurities and aids in the stimulation of cellular renewal, collagen and elastin fibres. Skin is left looking and feeling smoother and more youthful. Various sizes and grades of Diamond tipped wands allow treatments to be tailored to specific skin types and conditions. Areas that need to be avoided with crystal systems such as the eyes and around the lip area can easily and safely be treated.

A progressive course is often recommended when treating persistent skin complaints. Commonly treated conditions include pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles; sun damaged and prematurely aged skin, enlarged pores, acne scaring and uneven skin tone.


A recommended course of treatments

  1. Once a week for 4 weeks
  2. Twice a week for 4 weeks
  3. Monthly maintenance.

This can vary person to person – depending on skin types

It is important that before receiving Microdermabrasion treatment that you follow the following pre and post treatment guidelines. Failure to do so can result in both complications and less than satisfactory results.


12 Hours Before Treatment

  • Do not wear heavy make-up.

24 Hours Before Treatment

  • No swimming, facial waxing or use of fake tan.

48 Hours Before Treatment

  • No sauna, sun beds or sun exposure. No Botox or dermal fillers.

72 Hours Before Treatment

  • Avoid anti-ageing creams including AHAs, glycolics, retinol or deep exfoliating products.


  • Regular application of moisturiser and a minimum of SPF-15.

Diamond Peel Deluxe Facial 55 mins

Enjoy the resurfacing benefits of diamond peel and the relaxation of a facial complete with cooling, hydrating mask and relaxing, skin rejuvenating massage.

Prices from £58.95

Diamond Peel Essential Facial 40 mins

A shorter version of the Deluxe facial without the relaxation of a massage, the Diamond Peel Essential Facial is ideal for those short of time.

Prices from £48.50

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