Hair removal is an individual choice and not every one will suit the same method. You may be fortunate enough to have fine, fluffy hair whilst your friend may be troubled by coarse thick stubborn hair.

Over the years I’ve tried and tested lots of different wax and wax alternatives. The hair removal methods I’ve chosen allow our therapists the flexibility to give you the best waxing result possible for your skin and hair type.

If you suffer from coarse thick, stubborn hair you may find hot wax more comfortable and long lasting. It’s particularly suitable for underarm and bikini waxing. Applied in a slightly thicker layer than strip wax, it shrink wraps the hair rather than sticking to it.

Strip wax is widely used in salons and is the most popular and fastest method of hair removal; wax is spread in a thin layer over the skin and hair, and then removed with muslin or paper strips. Our choice of wax is stronger and less sticky than many other waxes and effectively removes strong stubborn hair with minimum discomfort.


Hot wax is an old traditional method most suitable for strong stubborn hair as short as 1mm. This hot pliable wax is applied in a thick layer and removed without the aid of strips. It does not adhere to the skin so there is no pull effect; this is the reason why is it often referred to as being virtually pain free. It is more suited to smaller areas with strong hair growth.

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